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19 Aug 2012 - 07:37:36 pm


Samaritan’s Purse South Sudan Programme Manager for Security and Safety (Present); Former Save the Children UK ERP Security Advisor, Former iMMAP ( Chad OASIS project Security & safety Coordinator, Former Field Security & Safety Advisor | DR Congo | International Rescue Committee. Former Field Safety Adviser and Security Focal Point Oxfam GB Chad based in Abeché. Former United Nations Staff Member and Security Officer/ FSO & FSA/Somalia-Ethiopia-Djibouti- Guinea/Conakry. Former Rwandese Judicial project Manager and legal consultant Former major & army prosecutor

I am now serving as Samaritans’s Purse Programme Manager for Security and safety in South Sudan since October 3 2011.(
In my very recent past, I was a Save the Children UK ( Emergency Response Personnel Security Officer and have been deployed first in Niger and then in Nigeria Nigeria. Kindly there are more details in my resume. Before that, in 2009, I was running a humanitarian security project in Chad with iMMAP (Information management and Mines Actions Programmes ( as the Security Safety Coordinator and iMMAP Chad Representative. Up to 12 may 2009, I was serving on short-term (6 months) as Field Security & Safety Advisor for International Rescue Committee (i the Democratic Republic of the Congo (my native country) with expatriate status. 
Over the last 15 years, I have been working as OXFAM GB FSA ( & Sec Focal Point (Chad-Abeché with travels to fields), UNHCR FSA (Somalia/Guinea-Conakry-Ethiopia-Djibouti), and UN FSO (Somalia-Djibouti). Apart from my experiences with the UN security & safety system, I have an outstanding field experience in setting up international NGOs security management systems with focus on national staff capacity building. My recent achievements, just to name some, are the following: I have worked out or reviewed Country security management plans (IRC DRC, Oxfam Chad, SC Niger and Nigeria etc.). I have undertaken intensive field staff trainings and briefings (DRC, Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Somalia, Ethiopia etc). I have made recommendations for sites (office & residences) security & safety improvements. I have conducted a great deal of security assessments, reconnaissance missions, in the extremely volatile & insecure east DRC, Chad, Guinea-Conakry parrot beak, northern Nigeria, South Niger environments. I have worked out Standard Operating Procedures fitting to assessed risks in above mentioned humanitarian operational contexts and for areas where offices and sub-offices were set up. I have established reliable systems for incident management that included: Security incidents prevention and reaction, reporting of incidents, reporting, near miss‟ incidents, debriefing after incidents, analysis of incidents and adjustment of procedures. I have set up a reliable information gathering networks with officials, UNDSS, MONUC, trade men, priests and others security stakeholders allowing security managers to be monitoring rapidly changing contexts. I have undertaken TOTs (Trainings of Trainers) for field staff during my field deployment and for the last 10 years, I have trained more than 1000 humanitarian staff both nationals and internationals. My training CD roms of my past experience in training are available and UN and NGO can provide credentials of my outstanding training toolkits and skills. 
My recent field assignments had taken me from Niger (Niamey, Maradi, Tessoua, Zinder, Diffa) to Nigeria (Abuja, Kano, Zamfara, Katsina, Jigawa, Yobe, Kaduna etc. During my previous employment in Chad, I have networked with MINURCAT, EUFOR, UN AGENCIES, and NGO to work out hibernation, relocation, and evacuation plans for Abeche, Gozbeida, Kerfi, Guereda, and Bahai. At that time, I have extensively interacted with EUFOR and MINURCAT to coordinate the plans and have undertaken in this context simulation exercises and trainings. 
During the above mentioned fields deployments period, I got field staff security management experiences as I did start my career as a military magistrate in 1987.Prior to that, I got a six-month basic military training. I joined the humanitarian community in Rwanda in 1996 as a Legal Project Manager. I moved to Tanzania Dar-Es-Salaam in 1997 and from that country, I was recruited as a United Nations Security Officer. Actually I was recruited by UNHCR as FSA and immediately seconded to UNDP/UNSECOORD (now UNDSS) as a UNFSO in charge of Somalia/Puntland where I used to be the United Nations-all agencies FSO in the frame of the then UN co-shared security system in Somalia based in Bosaso with intensive field missions to Garowe, Galkayo, Eil, Sool and Lassanood etc. 
Recently I have attended a formal high risk security training with Clarity in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, UK. As a UN Security Officer I have attended in Geneva a UNHCR Security Officer Training Programme and a TOT (Training Of Trainers). I have as well been trained in field security management by UNSEECOORD (now UNDSS) fields traveling security teams from New York HQ. I have attended a great deal of security workshops, seminars, conferences related to NGO and I have a good understanding of NGOs field security collaboration mechanisms. Indeed, I have a good knowledge of recent NGOs security collaboration initiatives in Afghanistan NGO Safety Office, NGO Coordination Committee in Iraq - Security Office, NGO Security Preparedness and Support Project, Somalia, Balochistan INGO Consortium - Security Management Support, Project, Pakistan, Initiative ONGs Sécurité, Haiti, Centre De Communication, East DRC, and Chad NGOs network. I have recently attended a “high risk‟ security training ine UK with Clarity and the security training package is indicated in the attached resume. 
Above all, staff security requires a common professional approach based on sound security expertise adapted to meet the operational needs of your organization and for that purpose, I will always be ready to get guidance from skilled professional from your own organization and make use of your relevant security & safety tools. 


Proven networking and relationship building skills
Over years of humanitarian security management in most of African complex emergencies, I have developed strong diplomatic skills and I humbly do believe that I am a good and smooth networker without saying that I can have the skills of a special agent. I know what is sensitive in many African contexts and of course I do know South  Sudan context and actors related to the country past with 2 civilian wars  that has impacted on social behavior and attitudes from people and rulers
Analytical and communication skills for: the analysis of context and management acceptance; the development of Standard Operating Procedures ’s and related security documentations
I am fluent in developing strong and well balanced contexts assessment both at macro and micro levels. Duties described above have been performed by me in different organizations in the NGO security management framework: Context assessments, Risks assessment, designing appropriate security strategies to mitigate assessed risks, implementing risks reductions steps by reducing staffs and assets vulnerability, engage in planning process both in term of preventive protocols or SOPs and reactive ones or contingency plans and formalize the security management in plans documents etc. I have drafted and review Sout Sudan Samaritan’s Purse Security manual or Country security management plan including country level SOPs.
Demonstrable Monitoring and Evaluation skills  for a dynamic security environment
Samaritan’s Purse South Sudan programmes are in dangerous areas at the demarcation lines between South and North. This always require a continuous monitoring and pro-active information collection, processing, analysis and sharing with country director and SMT members including others in-house stakeholders.
Ability to assess and coordinate an effective decision making for response under pressure and at very short notice
I have recently coordinated major crisis in South Sudan with the UN and the NGO’s Security Forum. My referees and credentials are better placed to provided their assessment of my ability. Extensive experience in safety and security in international humanitarian situations including the routine handling of safety and security issues as well as relocation/evacuation, coordination, security assessments, safety and security trainings: over the last 15 years I have been part (and still) of the humanitarian community in most of African complex emergencies. To name my recent achievement s, I have processed more than 20 staff protection measures in South Sudan between October 2012 to now: these include hibernations, relocations, evacuations from our ops areas at the borders between Sudan and South Sudan and routine security measures such as no-go areas, curfew, due to assessed risks to staffs. These crisis handling has been made possible thanks to drafted plans (preventive protocols or SOPs and reactive ones or contingencies plans). Of course the routine and daily management will always require the pro-active management of security information and this implies information collection, processing, analysis and dissemination. I have done this handling over the last 15 years and have ensured security training in remote fields such as the northern part of Nigeria, southern part of Niger, Somalia Puntland), eastern part of DRC (North Kivu and South Kivu), Guinea-Conakry with the  parrot beak refugees relocation emergency.
Ability to develop and deliver security training to mixed ability groups sometimes through interpreters
Ongoing duty and even now I’m engaged in field training across Samaritan’s Purse South Sudan. My resume show a sample of deliverables training units. I have ben commended many times for my security trainings.
Computer literate, able to use all common software packages (office Suite)
I go beyond simple literacy by combining security software and computers program mostly in mapping exercises. NGO’s security forum in South Sudan can speak out o my huge knowledge in that.

Be able to understand how to relate to all levels of Plan communities and respect local customs and protocols
Yes: have done this with my previous employers as shown in my CV.
Able to diffuse tensions and remain calm at all times and particularly following a security incident
Yes: have done this with my previous employers as shown in my CV.  Samaritan’s Purse is an NGO where the threshold of acceptable risk is most often higher and this implies for me the capacity to ease and diffuse tension over the balancing between critical programming and staff security.
Cross-Culturally adept
Have always
Avoid the typical barriers that develop between local and expatriate communities and colleague through an approachable and open style that is not colored by preconceptions
Samaritan’s Purse is a faith-based organization and expats and national share food on daily basis.
Demonstrates Plans values
Will adhere to your values of course.
Encourage, motivate and guide team members to approach safety and security issues with confidence especially during crisis
I am already involved in that exercise smoothly without become a law enforcer as NGO’s are rigts based organizations.
Communicate effectively across Plans management structure

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